Lyrical Abstraction, East meets West

Hong Kong born artist under western influence…

❝ However the weight of tradition is inevitably felt, contemporary reality is not evacuated, and it is precisely in this that Ngan Siu-Mui distinguishes herself … It is clear that one can hardly dissociate calligraphy and painting from the expression of Ngan Siu-Mui, which, for our greater pleasure, interlaces them until they become inseparable. ❞
[ Robert Bernier, Art Critic, Parcours Découvertes, Montréal, 2003 ]

seal-fungcheung Alphabet Brush Array

seal-fungcheung Cosmos Code

seal-fungcheung Tango

seal-fungcheung Dance, Dance

seal-fungcheung Nature Code

seal-fungcheung Old Lyrical Abstraction

seal-fungcheung Graffiti