Ngan Siu-Mui's Work

Artist's Statement

Critic's Reviews

❝ There is no doubt that she (Ngan Siu-Mui) shows the highest technical skill in controlling the brush, so she masters the form. But much more important, when, in her works, we look at the dance of the strokes she makes us imagine the ideas that are bewitching the Mind of the Brush at the very moment of her artistic creation. ❞
Yang Huelun Cultural Counsellor to the Canadian Embassy of the Popular Republic of China.

❝ The artist, in a personal and unique manner, creates the link between East and West… Ngan Siu-Mui, as a painter and calligrapher, uses all of her amazing talent to merge the form and the Chinese calligraphy, thereby walking away from tradition but keeping a strong link with it. ❞
Robert Bernier, Art CriticParcours Découvertes