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General Information

Online lessons break the barriers of geography.

Artist Ngan Siu-Mui is currently teaching online lessons in Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Watercolor Painting for all art lovers over the world. Traditional and creative Chinese brush strokes are taught in order to control movement, ink, water and colors on Chinese art paper. No previous art background is necessary; curiosity and an open mind is all that is needed.


  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
    Between: 9:00h and 16:30h
    According to the student's and the teacher's schedules
  • The teacher's location is Montreal,QC,CA; the time zone is UTC – 05:00.

Duration and Subject

  • Duration: one hour
  • Subject: according to the student level

The lesson

  • The teacher first explains and demonstrates the proper art techniques.
  • The student then does a demonstration under the guidance of the teacher.

Lessson's preparation and follow-up

  • To prepare the lesson, an art sample is sent by email to the student who has to print it out so that it can be use during the class.
  • A video clip related to the lesson is sent to the student after the lesson.
  • Advices from the teacher are sent by email for guiding the practice (homework).


  • Fees: 60$ cad per lesson (e-transfer or Paypal)
    Fees include the preparation (art sample), the lesson itself and the follow-up (video clip)
  • Please feel free to contact Ngan Siu-Mui ⯈ here

Technical Information

Brushes, Paper, Ink

  • Chinese brushes suitable for the subject studied: calligraphy or painting.
  • Chinese art paper (other kind of paper can be used temporarily as a substitute.)
  • Bottled ink
  • Absorbing paper as a blotter under the art paper and for drying brushes.

Internet connection, computer, Zoom

  • It is advised to use a computer and a webcam; tablets and phones are not recommended.
  • The Zoom platform is used for the lessons.
  • A link for a Zoom meeting is sent 10 minutes before the online lesson and the student is admitted soon after (ponctuality is greatly appreciated).
  • To join the meeting, click the link received by email from your host (Ngan Siu-Mui). You will then find yourself in a virtual Zoom waiting room and the host will then admit you to join the lesson.

Online Lessons' Subjects

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