~ Ngan Siu-Mui's Work in Collections ~

Ngan Siu-Mui's artworks have been added to public and private collections all around the world.

For an exhaustive list, see the Curriculum Vitæ [Here]


Ngan Siu-Mui, exhibition Taishan Museum

Taishan City, China — 2018

Solo exhibition hosted by the Taishan Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau and the Taishan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication. 3 pieces of artworks were collected by Taishan Museum.

Ngan Siu-Mui, [Thousand Character Poem] exhibition, Henan China

Henan, China — 2012

Invited to join the Global Chinese writing [Thousand Character Poem] exhibition and demonstration. 8 pieces of Chinese calligraphies were collected by the Three Locusts Tree Hall, Henan.

Ngan Siu-Mui, Ministry National Affairs China, Ngoc-On Cup

Beijing, China — 2005

Invited by the Chinese Ministry of National Affairs to participate in the first International Calligraphy Exhibition of the Ngoc-On Cup. Two pieces of calligrahy art were collected.

2005 Ngan Siu-Mui collected by Record History Museum Chinacn

Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China — 2005

The Shaanxi Museum and the Xianyang Calligraphy Stele Committee collected Ngan’s calligraphy. They selected her work to be engraved in stones.

2002 Ngan Siu-Mui calligraphy, Wei River Stone Engraving, Shaanxi, China

Wei River, Shaanxi Province, China — 2002

The collected calligraphy was carved in a stone stele in Wei River, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China.

1999 Ngan Siu-Mui collected by Ten Ren Teaïsm Foundation of Taiwan

Taiwan — 1999

The Ten Ren Teaïsm Foundation of Taiwan collected four paintings by Ngan Siu-Mui.

1983 Ngan Siu Mui painting collected by Art House Gallery, Malaysia

Malaysia — 1983

Art House Gallery collected Ngan Siu-Mui's painting.

1981 Ngan Siu-Mui work collected by Korea University

Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea  — 1981

Korea University Museum adds Ngan Siu-Mui's work to its collection.

1979 Ngan Siu-Mui work collected by National History Museum, Taiwan

Taiwan — 1979

National Museum of History collected Ngan's painting.


1999 Ngan Siu-Mui painting collected by Multisource Ltd Brisbane Australia

Brisbane, Australia — 1999

Multisource PTY Limited collected six paintings from the artist.


1999 Ngan Siu-Mui works collected by Day's Inn Downtown Montreal

Day's Inn Montreal, Québec — 1999

Starting in 1999, Day's Inn Montreal Downtown added four artworks by Ngan Siu-Mui to its collection.

1990 Ngan Siu-Mui works collected by Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Civilisation, Gatineau, Québec — 1990

The Canadian Museum of Civilization, facing Ottawa (Canada's capital city), added two paintings by Ngan Siu-Mui to its collection.

1990 Ngan Siu-Mui painting collected by Vanier College, Montreal

Vanier College, Montreal, Québec — 1990

Vanier College collected Ngan's painting.

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