Ngan Siu-Mui Art School

Chinese Tea classes offered in the artist's Studio of Simple Happiness

seal-fungcheung Chinese Tea Classes

Although tea is known around the world as a healthy drink and a pleasure both for the body and the soul, most of the people do not know how to get the benefit from such a beautiful gift of the nature. A high quality tea can taste very ordinary and even bad if one doesn't know the proper way of brewing it.

The Tea Workshops use different approaches and are designed to help people who care about their well-being to get in touch with the ancient knowledge of Chinese tea and apply it to modern daily life. With such knowledge, one can thoroughly enjoy tea drinking to its fullest and experiment its implicit virtues.

The Tea Ceremony leads us to drink tea in an artful, joyful and relaxing atmosphere. It brings us back to the nature and provides a chance to make friends, share each other's thoughts, and create cordial feelings. Further more, one important goal is to break the barrier of social status or ages and encourage the desire for improvement.

seal-fungcheung Instructor

  • Disciple of the great tea master
    Ngan Siu-Mui is the 27th disciple of the great tea master Mr. Easun Lin from Taiwan. In 1998, she was awarded a tea ceremony teacher certificate from her master. She had demonstrated different thematic tea ceremonies in McCord Museum, Frontenac Culture House and the Traditional Chinese Culture Society in Montreal.

seal-fungcheung Subects to learn

  • Different kinds of tea: Green tea, Oolong tea, Red tea and Black tea
  • Using proper teapots and tools to make different kinds of tea
  • How to make a nice cup of tea soup: amount of tea, timing and water temperature
  • How to taste tea
  • How to offer and taste tea in an artistic manner