Ngan Siu-Mui Art School

Chinese Seal Carving (Chinese Stamps Engraving on Stones) classes offered in the artist's Studio of Simple Happiness

seal-fungcheung Chinese Seal Carving (Stamps Engraving) Classes

Chinese Stamp Workshops are designed for people interested in creating their own Chinese stamps. You will learn the techniques of stamp carving on stone. The workshops can be attended by anyone; no experience needed and all the material and tools are provided.

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seal-fungcheung Schedule 2019 - Name stamp and studio stamp

Participants need to join the two workshops on August 10 and 17
Tuition fee for two workshops 170$

August 10 ― Design of the stamp; Transferring the design from the paper to the stone
August 17 ― Carving the stone; Stamping the paper

law_劉禧 studio-hibiscus

Chinese Name or Quote
Chinese Stamp Wanderer
The name or quote that you plan to engrave have to be chosen before the workshop day. It is absolutely necessary to contact Ngan Siu-Mui in advance.
Designing the Stamp

The design is first drawn on paper using Chinese ink; utmost care must be taken at that moment since the paper is the template of the stamp.

Transferring the design from the paper to the stone

The ink on the paper is then transferred to the stone; great care is needed here too.

Carving the stone
Chinese Stamp Stone
Since the stone is not too hard, the carving is done with a special knife (provided).
Stamping the paper
Once the carving is done, the stone is inked with a special paste (usually red) and the stone is applied to the paper.
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