Ngan Siu-Mui Exhibitions ― Taishan

Ngan Siu-Mui Exhibition and her students' work
Taishan Museum, Taishan, Guangdong, China

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seal-fungcheung Ngan Siu Mui Exhibition, Taishan 2018

This exhibition was hosted by the Taishan Museum and held in October 2018. It was a great joy for me to exhibit my work in this museum, close to my native village Naling. The fabulous collaboration from all the personal at the Taishan Museum and the government officials at all levels made this exhibition possible and a great success. To everyone who contribute to this wonderful art event, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My students and I were given the warmest reception and sharing with you will endure as a wonderful souvenir in our minds.

Opening Ceremony at Taishan Museum

Vernissage and Taishan's Mayor Banquet

Artwork Exhibition: Ngan Siu-Mui's Students

Demonstrations at the Museum

Closing Ceremonies

The Making-of

Exhibition Artbook

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Taishan Museum