2003 Ngan Siu-Mui Solo Exhibition
Galerie Kô–zen, Montreal

seal-fungcheung 2003 Ngan Siu Mui Solo Exhibition

The exhibition was held in June 2003; a few hundred visitors attended the event which lasted a whole month. Distinguished art lovers, art collectors and art critics were present at the opening vernissage: Mr Yang Huelun, Cultural Counsellor to the Canadian Embassy of the Popular Republic of China; Mr Gilles Vincent, Director of the Botanical Garden of Montreal, Ms and Mr Richard Dalcourt, Ms and Mr Andy Ip, Ms and Mr Louis Lu, to name but just a few.

seal-fungcheung Mr Gilles Vincent, Ngan Siu-Miu, Mr Yang Huelun


seal-fungcheung Mr Yang Huelun, Ngan Siu-Miu, Mr Richard Dalcourt


seal-fungcheung Vernissage

2003-ko-zen-vernissage_01 2003-ko-zen-vernissage_01

seal-fungcheung Gallery

2003-ko-zen-gallery_01 2003-ko-zen-gallery_02 2003-ko-zen-gallery_02

seal-fungcheung Students' visit