~ Google Montreal Office
Chinatown Homage ~

Google Montreal Office, on Viger Street, uses the interior floor design to pay homage to the city's most remarquable neighbourhoods, Chinatown being one of them. Artist Ngan Siu-Mui was commissioned * to provide the Chinese calligraphy artwork used in the interior design of the Chinatown themed floor.

(*) The brokerage for this project was assumed by Nathalie Lemle, Art_works, Boston, MA
[see https://art-works.community/about.]

Source of Inspiration

Montreal Chinatown Gate
Montreal Chinatown Gate
Near Google Montreal Office

The Montreal Chinatown Gate displays a banner with four characters:

These characters mean:
"Carry on Predecessors' Task and Make a Great Success of It."

This quote is taken from the Chinese literary work "Preface to Selected Works" from China's Southern Dynasty (502-557).

Artwork by Artist Ngan Siu-Mui

Google Office Ngan Siu-Mui Calligraphy
"Carry On Predecessors' Task
and Make a Great Success of It"

The artwork features three main parts: four big characters, inscription and signature (small characters), and four seals (stamps)
For full details about each part, see [here].

  • The four big characters: 踵事增華
    • Ngan Siu-Mui choosed to use the same quote as the Chinatown banner since this quote truly highlights the overall contribution of Chinese immigrants in Montreal.
  • In smaller characters, the inscription relating the artist's contribution to the artistic life in Montreal followed by the artist's signature.
  • Four seals (stamps)

The artwork

  • Chinese Calligraphy in Running Script Style
  • Chinese Art Paper and Ink
  • Red paste for the seals
  • Dimensions: 67x135 cm [26x53 in]

Google Office Interior Floor Design

Google Office Wall Ngan Siu-Mui Calligraphy

The artwork is framed and installed on the 10th floor of Google Office (Viger St, Montreal, QC, CA)

There is two placards beside the artworks providing information related to the artwork; see [here].

This calligraphy work also appears on a photo montage by Bryan Beyund.
[See below]

Google Office Wall Ngan Siu-Mui Calligraphy
Photo Montage ― Bryan Beyund
Calligraphy ― Ngan Siu-Mui

Photo Montage: Bryan Beyund
Dimensions: 421x213 cm [14x7 ft]

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