~ The 1980 Ngan Siu-Mui Exhibition ~
Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, China

Ngan Siu Mui's first solo exhibition at the Hong Kong City Hall


The 1980 Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition revealed artist Ngan Siu-Mui to the world. Her work in Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Seal Carving showed the birth of a great talent in these traditional Chinese arts.

Exhibition's Invitation Letter

1980 Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Invitation Letter
From left to right:
~ Artist Studio Stamp: Subtle Fragrance ~
~~ Ngan Siu-Mui signature and invitation letter ~~
~~~ Exhibition Title: Calligraphy by Hong Kong Master
Painter Professeor Chao Shao-Ang ~~~

Teacher and Guests

1980 Hong Kong City Hall Exhibition Teachers and Guests
Surrounding Ngan Siu-Mui
(left) Hong Kong Calligraphy Master Professor Leung Tze-Kong,
(right) Hong Kong Calligraphy Master Wong Si-Chim (黃思潛)

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