Ngan Siu-Mui has published three books on Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, either as the sole author or with the collaboration of her disciples.

「中國書法, 抽象藝術, 心畫」

cover, chinese calligraphy, abstract art, mind painting
中國書法, 抽象藝術, 心畫
1998 顏小梅著
加拿 大文化傳襲部資助
加拿大國立圖書館收藏。 isbn 2-9805904-1

❝  一本肯定地同時吸引了專家和常人的中國書法著述終於面世了。這門使人折服的藝術鮮為一般人精通,已是超越了普通人所能掌握的技巧範疇。以純真簡樸之風格和相關的實例,作者使我們進一步明白中國書法的神妙世界。書法和社交舞的比擬極為恰當地強調了一個事實:創作時不獨運用手指而且整個身體也要投入活動中。(...) 閱讀此書,我們洞悉了一面創作和另一面在傳統上尋找靈感的重要,兩者間存在著微妙的協調。若無全面精熟的基本技巧和深厚的中國文字學問,斷乎不能寫成一本權威的中國書法著作。作者顏小梅以一世界知名的藝術家,擅長此道,其書法風格披露著她對這追溯數千年根基的藝術底酷愛和沉醉。 … ❞  
Gilles Vincent, 滿地可市植物園總監 --- 閱讀序言全文



cover, the art of ngan siu-mui and her group
1994 加拿大中華文化促進會出版

❝ there are generally two ways to learn: from self-study and from a master. (…) the great scholar han yu said "as man is not born with knowledge none is free from doubts which can be resolved only by a master." (…)"the mutual understanding that develops between them (student and master) sometimes exceeds that between father and son. ❞ ngan siu-mui, at the abode of unadorned happiness, montreal.


cover, the art of ngan siu-mui
1983 冷香室出版

❝ from the collection of ms ngan's works of art in this album, i dare say that she stands out as a rare talent with parallel achievements in all the four arts (calligraphy, painting, seal carving, poetry) ❞ 
chen kwing kin, m.a., university of hong kong.