The media covered Ngan Siu-Mui"s artistic activities throughout the years. Here is a few instances of that coverage.

phoenix Montréal, west island, qc,ca — 2004

The Chronicle Newspaper Article

Montréal regional newspaper, The Chronicle, recognized Ngan Siu-Mui as a consummate Chinese Calligraphy and Painting artist.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 2004

2003 Art Magazine Parcours Découvertes

Parcours, a prominent art magazine in MontrMontreal#233;al, praises Ngan's talents in Chinese Visual Arts and her ability to bring her creations into the realm of modern art.

phoenix Québec, qc, ca — 2001

2001 Musée de La Civilisation du Québec

Le Musée de la civilisation du Québec invited Ngan Siu-Mui to perform a live demonstration of her talent as a calligrapher and used the video recording to promote a high profile event, the “Xi'an Exhibition”.

phoenix Brisbane, australia — 1999

1999 Exhibition Brisbane Australia

Solo Exhibition organized by the Redland Shire Council and Old Schoolhouse Gallery, and sponsored by Multisource Pty Limitedn. The Bayside Bulletin News described Ngan Siu-Mui as an eminent artist.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1998

1998 First Month-Of-Chinese-Calligraphy Event

Montréal's prominent French newspaper "La Presse" provided extensive coverage of the first in a series of events promoting Chinese Calligraphy and rightly called "Month of Chinese Calligraphy"; these events were held in Montréal and were organized by Ngan Siu-Mui and the Traditional Chinese Culture Society of Montreal.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1998

1998 International-Calligraphy-Union Exhibition

Montréal's French newspaper "Le Devoir" provided coverage of two important cultural events organized by Ngan Siu-Mui:

‒ The International Calligraphy Union Exhibition held in the "Maison de la culture Frontenac".
‒ Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting artworks by Ngan Siu-Mui and her students at the "Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal".

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1998

1998 Luby Chinese Weekly Newspaper

Montréal's Luby Chinese Weekly Newspaper conducted an in depth interwiew with Ngan Siu-Mui's focusing on her achievements as an Hong Kong born artist now living in Montréal.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1997

1997 Movie The Red Violin

The famous Hollywood movie "The Red Violin" uses a calligraphy work by Ngan Siu-Mui as part of the décor in one important scene. That calligraphy was done live on the premisses of the shooting.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1997

1997 Merging-Colors Festival des Films d'Art

The documentary film Merging Colors was presented in the Festival International des Films d'Art de Montréal. Ngan Siu-Mui is appearing in the documentary as a prominent artist from abroad now living in Montréal.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1997

1997 Presse Chinoise

The Chinese newspaper "La Presse Chinoise" conducted an in depth interviews with Ngan Siu-Mui focusing on her status as an well known international artist and her devotion as an art teacher, keen to keep alive the Traditional Chinese style.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1994

1994 The Gazette

Montréal newspaper The Gazette published an interview with Ngan Siu-Mui entitled “Your Spirit Enters into the Ink”. The interview focuses on how calligraphy can be a powerful mean to ease the mind.

phoenix Montréal, qc, ca — 1992

1992 Asian Leader

Montréal newspaper Asian Leader published an interview with Ngan Siu-Mui about her carreer as a Chinese artist.

phoenix Montréal west island, qc, ca — 1989

1989 The Chronicle-Spotlight

Montréal West Island newspaper The Chronicle featured Ngan Siu-Mui in its Spotlight "profile of an artist".

phoenix Hong Kong — 1988

1988 Hong Kong Fresh Weekly News

In an interview with the Hong Kong Fresh Weekly News, her talent an artist fluent in Chinese calligraphy, painting, seal carving and poetry was highly praised.

phoenix Malaysia — 1987

1987 Shin Min Daily News

Special interview from the Shin Min Daily News as the International Calligraphy Conference was held in Malaysia.

phoenix Hong Kong — 1986

1986 Ming Pao Interview

Ming Pao published an interview with Ngan Siu-Mui relating adventures during her art exhibition tour.

phoenix Toronto, on, ca — 1986

1986 Article About Ngan Siu-Mui Art Tour in Canada

After her successful solo exhibitions in many Canadian Universities (British Columbia, Saskatoon, Toronto, Bishop) Ngan Siu-Mui related her Canadian art adventures in an article published by the Centre Daily News in Toronto.

phoenix Singapore — 1983

1983 Art Critic Mai He's Article

The prominent art critic, Mai He, praised Ngan Siu-Mui talent and recognized her as a genuine artist devoting time and energy to create new realms of artictic expression. The article was published in the People's Biweekly Journal in Singapore.

phoenix Malaysia — 1983

1983 Nanyang's Article

Nanyang, a major newpaper in Malaisia recognized Ngan Siu-Mui's talent following her 1983 solo exhibition in their country.

phoenix Hong Kong — 1982

1982 Cosmorama Pictorial

Ngan Siu-Mui won high praises from Hong Kong art circles during the 1982 Cosmorama Pictorial.

phoenix Hong Kong — 1980

1980 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong City Hall

Ngan Siu-Mui's solo exhibition in Hong Kong City Hall. ❝…her artworks are very exquisite creations, especially the Seal-Carving pieces❞  Wah Kiu Newspaper.