About the Artist
Ngan Siu-Mui


Ngan Siu-Mui was borned in Hong Kong and there, she received her traditional Chinese art training under great masters: Chao Shao-Ang (趙少昂) of Lingnan School, calligraphy masters Leung Tse-Kong (梁子江) of Xiao Feng Art School and Lee Chou-Tzai (李超哉) of Taiwan and tea master Lin Easu (林易山) of the Ten Ren Tea Culture Foundation. After her first 1980 solo exhibition in Hong Kong City Hall, she has been acclaimed as an artist conversant with Chinese calligraphy, painting, seal carving and poetry. In 1988 she emigrated to Canada, bestowed with a Canadian Immigration Status of Professional Artist, a Cultural Contribution to Canada. She has since been living in Montreal, Quebec.

Her works can be found in collections worldwide: Hong Kong, Canada (Canadian Museum of Civilization), China (Record of History Museum Shaanxi, Zhengzhou Art Museum Henan, Calligraphy Stone Stele Committee of Wei River Honan), Taiwan (Art Education Center and History Museum, Wah Kwong Museum), Australia (Redland District Council), Japan (Japan’s Coalition of International Calligraphers Association), Korea (Museum of Kookmin University, Cultural Art Research Institute), Singapore and Malaysia (Art House Gallery).

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A few important dates

  •  ♦  1999 – Ngan Siu-Mui is recipient of the Certificat Québécois de la citoyenneté pour le rapprochement culturel awarded by the Quebec Gouvernment. The award honors her achievement in bringing different cultures together.
  •  ♦  1998 – Organization of the International Calligrapher Union Exhibition in Montreal: over 60 calligraphers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan came to Montreal to join the event. About 350 pieces of calligraphy artworks were displayed
  •  ♦  1998, 2000 and 2002 – Organization of the three editions of the Month of Chinese Calligraphy in Montreal.
  •  ♦  1992 – Organization of the SCCT Culture Delegation and Arts Exhibitions in China - Xiao Feng Art Center, Taiwan - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Hong Kong - Xiao Feng Society of Arts.
  •  ♦  Since 1991 – Organization of the SCCT Chinese callligraphy and painting biannual exhibitions and culture activities
  •  ♦ 1991 – Founder of the Traditional Chinese Culture Society of Montreal (SCCT).
  •  ♦  1989 – Immigrated to Canada under the category of Professional Artist.
  •  ♦  1981 to 1991 – President of Xiao Feng Society of Arts, Hong Kong.

Participation in various events held by cultural and commercial organizations

  •  ♦  2015 – Calligraphy design for the Ram Year stamps, Canada Post
  •  ♦  2012 – Calligraphy design for the launching of Roger Gallet new perdume.
  •  ♦  2012 – The Hong Kong Institute of Architects copyright the use of Ngan Siu Mui's calligraphy images
  •  ♦  2010 – Calligraphy design for the Cirque du Soleil Event in Guangzhou, China.
  •  ♦  2010 – Chinese Watercolor Painting design illustrating the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Canadian Red Cross.
  •  ♦  2005 – Her calligraphy artwork is selected to be engraved in stones by the Museum of Shaanxi and Xianyang Calligraphy Stele Committee, China.
  •  ♦  2002 – Her calligraphy artwork was selected to be carved into a stele by the Calligraphy Stele Committee of Wei River.
  •  ♦  2001 – Ngan Siu-Mui is invited to perform a live demonstration of her calligraphy to be used as a video promoting the “Xi'an Exhibition” held in the Muée de la Civilisation de Québec City.
  • Click HERE to watch the Xi'an Exhibition video (on Youtube)
  •  ♦  1997 – Hollywood movie “The Red Violin” made prominent display of Ngan's calligraphy in its shooting.
  •  ♦  1997 – Merging Colours, a film focusing on Chinese artists, features her as a prominent artist working in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The film was shown in the Festival International des Films d’Art de Montréal.